Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tomorrow Night It's Mexican Night at the poetry Workshop

Above see Lynn Vartan, extraordinary percussionist back from her Mexican tour with stories, photos and a Mexican feast. Last week's workshop was a great one, here see Don Campbell, in center, Debbie Kolodji at left, CaLokie between them, and the great Marvin Dorsey on the right, all immersed in poetic thought. Tomorrow Night we'll have our regular poetry workshop followed by a special presentation by Lynn Vartan and Dorian about their recent trip to Mexico. Lynn was on tour as guest percussionist with the Tambuco Ensemble in Mexico City. She and Dorian are guest chief chefs in Kath's Kitchen--we'll all prepare some especially loved dishes from their trip.

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Dovina said...

I thought your were in Japan by now. Maybe you are, and also in Pasadena - would seem logical considering all you do. Wish I could be there tonight. Maybe I'll send a poem for next week, one about the sights of mid-Kentucky, like the insides of the mouths of dogs.
Love, Sharon