Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Poetic Night at the Opera: Thursday Poetry Workshop May 24, 2007

Thursday Night Poetry continues tomorrow night, each poet brings a new poem for critique and discussion. Photo from last week's workshop, Kath read "Meet Me There". To her right in photo, is Debbie Kolodji, who read her poem "Cruising San Francisco Bay". Justin Kibbe read "That is Not Super Woman" and Marvin Dorsey read "Shadow Boxing". A rousing 3 part "Not the Brother John Round" written by CaLokie, (far right, enjoying Kath's Puerto Rican style plantain soup and empanadas) was read by him, Kath and Marvin, most riotously to everyone's delight. Dinner snacks this week will be Italian (lasagne and eggplant parmagian) in honor of the Caltech recent opera chorus concert. For our entertainment we'll show excerpts from Rick's film of last weekend's shows, with Kath in the alto section.

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