Sunday, February 25, 2007

Wednesday Evening Critique February 21, 2007

Our lively (all are welcome!) Wednesday evening Critique was hosted at the Wilson's and began at 6:30 with poets presenting new work, copies passed to all, and engaging commentary, challenging and friendly, enjoyed. Pictured here, left to right are poets Justin Kibbe and CaLokie, as well as Don Campbell, and Mary Torregossa (co-hosts of the Critiques). Kath provided the atmosphere with an Asian Indian themed meal and Rick and friend Asuncion Ojeda gave an inspiring entertainment later in the evening,with a recital of rennaissance flute duets. See our poetry party for details on the evening! coming this Wednesday, February 28, 2007: poets meet if possible in front of the workshop location at 5:45 to hear Kath and the Caltech Glee Club (at Dabney Lounge at Caltech) sing three poetic songs in a final rehearsal for performance. Workshop and dinner snacks as usual at the Wilson's at 6:30 p.m. This weeks theme is Chinese New Year. Kath is making Chinese dinner snacks, and Rick will play Chinese music on flutes from his collection. Kath's Shanghai journals, albums and poems will be available for browsing. Thanks to Debbie Kolodji for her beautiful "valentine" see the post below!
Don Campbell's new issue of the San Gabriel Valley Quartely (God Issue) is ready now. To order send $7. through Paypal to

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