Sunday, February 18, 2007

Poets in Love: 2/14/07 Wednesday Evening Poetry

It was an unusual night, see the Valentines Poetry Party, newly hosting the 6:30 Wednesday Evening Critique at Kath and Rick's. Among the readers were Debbie Kolodji, second from left in photo (see her interesting and poetic livejournal .) Debbie moderates the Southern California Haiku Study Group once a month at the Pacific Asia Museum in Pasadena. Kath and Peggy Cramer, who also read, attended the haiku workshop last Saturday. Mira Mataric (front left in the photo above, who also hosts wonderful poetry events in the area and in 2005 won the Literary Award Arsenie Charnoevich, from the govenment of Serbia read one of her poems. Jack Chansler, front right in photo, read a beautiful sonnet. Friendly and animated poetic discussions followed. Kath read her "Couplets in Bed" published in Don Campbell's San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly #32. Go to Paypal and send $7 to to order your copy of the "Rhyming Issue". As accompaniment to her poem, each guest received a "pink gel marker" (part of the poetic fantasy) which, which she explained... could not begin to measure up to the one in her poem. But still, nice party favors! (We still have some left for next time.) Dinner snacks were Kath's Maltese Minestra (a hearty traditional soup) spicy black lentils, curried corn and homemade cookies. The musical entertainment was a lovesong medley by our friend composer and musician Steven Radice. Rick accompanied on historical flute, and Kathy with voice and Vietnamese DanMo! (You'll see photos on the web page link above.) We made a recording and will post when ready.) Coming this week: appetizers and Wednesday Evening Critique at 6:30 pm, dinner snacks and entertainment at 8. This week will feature "Renaissance Duets" with Asuncion Ojeda and Rick Wilson, a short introduction to the renaissance flute and recital. Please come visit and write Kath for directions!

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Oh, I know a good time when I see one, and this is FUN! :o)