Thursday, July 5, 2007

Thursday Night Poetry July 5, 2007

Everyone is expected at Thursday Night Poetry tomorrow, Don Kingfisher Campbell will welcome you all at the Wilson's as usual even though we're in Bratislava right now at another math conference. You can follow our adventures at our home page Last week's entertainment at Thursday Night Poetry was one of our favorites. A fascinating and unusual presentation of bt Asuncion Ojeda and her niece, Sarah Kimbrough of kulintang music, a traditional music from Mindanao island in the southern Philippines. Asuncion and Sarah are students/performing members of the Reseda-based World Kulintang Institute, which was founded by master teacher Eleanor Academia. Philippine kulintang represents only one of the many gong-chime traditions found in southeast Asia, and it is an art which is, unfortunately, in danger of extinction. The music, which dates back to the 3rd century, A.D., presents an organic interaction between melody and rhythmic modes. More photos of that evening soon. For July 5th's meeting, Kath made a rich curried vegetable stew, which will be served, and Rick left a slide show of our Canadian and NY trips of two weeks ago.

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