Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bellydancing your Poems Away

Oh my, well, again, those are not the poets at the poetry workshop! One of them is (Kath in back row, second from left). Come watch us dance Friday and Saturday at the Caltech Dance Show, Ramo Auditorium and Gitani Restaurant, 7 PM in Burbank. (Write to Kath if you need more details!) Poetry Workshop this Thursday as usual at Kath and Rick's! Soup's made and cornbread baked, cookies ready. Rick and Steven have prepared a great entertainment on the theme of Stephen Foster, America's first great songwriter, with historical flute, guitar and banjo ukulele. Kath will be at rehearsal for the dance show, but is hoping it will be a full house otherwise. As soon as this weekend is over, full reports of the last two wonderful workshops will be posted, Hurdy Gurdy Night with Curtis Berak, and Gypsy Music and Dance with Toti O'Brien.

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Dovina said...

Kath, We had a fantastic time in your absence. Your house was perfect for our trashing. Hope you found our mess moistly camouflaged and discretely deodorized.

The poems are on the music stand and the footstool is still under the table where I forgot and left it. Wish you could have been there.

Thanks for your encouraging comment on my blog. I left you a response there.